Welcome to our first blog post!  The purpose of our blog is keeping customers informed of firewood availability, new products, exciting promotions and giveaways, and everything else in-between.  My name is Derrick Calkins.  I am the owner of the Crosscut Firewood of Vermont.  I also own an Information Technology consulting firm in the Chittenden Country area. 


Three years ago, my wife and two boys bought property in Hinesburg.  We are surrounded by acres of hardwood trees.  We cut, split, and stacked firewood for a secondary heating source.  After harvesting more wood than required for our needs, we began selling our surplus firewood.  In 2020, we sold roughly 7 cords of firewood.


The process of producing a cord of firewood is certainly a lot of work even with a 34-ton hydraulic log splitter.  In order to increase efficiency and produce more wood, I decided to move from a hobby firewood supplier to a commercial operation.  With an aggressive goal of over 500 cords of firewood sold in our first year, we invested in a Multitek wood processor that can produce over 750 cords of firewood per year.  We invested in a 20’ conveyer to streamline loading trucks, trailers, and our firewood storage bags.  The conveyer will also feed our new Multitek wood tumbler that cleans firewood from loose bark, dirt, and debris.  Lastly, we purchased a kiln from Kiln-Direct that will dry six cords of firewood every 48 hours. 


We will be operating Crosscut Firewood of Vermont out of Danville with a second location in the Hinesburg area.  We will be offering firewood to northern and central Vermont towns and cities.  Stay tuned for further updates on the delivery of our new Multitek equipment and our firewood kiln.  We will be posting photos and videos soon!