The Beginning

We are the Calkins Family and we founded Crosscut Firewood of Vermont, a family-owned and locally operated business. We began selling firewood harvested from our property In Hinesburg in 2018. It was a hobby until the summer of 2020 when we decided to make this a full-time business starting in 2021.

Our Process

We strive to produce the highest quality firewood at affordable prices.  Our firewood is a mixture of hardwood containing maple, beech, oak, ash, and birch.  To be efficient, the right equipment is required.  We’ve invested in a Multitek wood processor with the capability of processing 750 cords of firewood per year.  We purchased a 20’ conveyer to easily load and stack, as well as a tumbler which cleans the firewood from dirt, loose bark, and debris prior to delivery.  We also purchased a Kiln-Direct kiln to produce kiln-dried firewood for residential and commercial markets.

Our Mission

Our goal is to operate one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly firewood processing companies in the state of Vermont.  Not all firewood companies are built the same.  We promise to exceed customer expectations by providing superior customer service and professionalism from initial firewood order to delivery of your firewood.  We are fully insured and will do everything we can to make your firewood purchase an easy and enjoyable experience.